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An interview with
Dr. Raed Abu Yagoob regarding French study at CCE.

Trial Lessons:
The first class will be considered a trial lesson. Students may choose to withdraw from the class with a full refund of tuition fees after the first class if it does not meet your expectations. In order to qualify for a full refund, you must notify administration immediately after the first lesson. Students who contact administration a day later or a few days after the first lesson will not be able to receive a refund. In addition, there will be no refund on the one-time $35 registration fee. The $35 CDN non-refundable registration fee applies only once, as long as you are studying at CCE you will never have to pay any registration fees again!

French Classes
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No Tax

Notice of Recognition: Canada College of Education is a designated Learning institute through Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and authorized by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which facilitates the process of obtaining study permit. International students must use the following Designated Learning Institution DLI Numbers: O19833653497



Students Graduation in Full-time Program

Note: The French language level evaluation is absolutely free!

Certified Institution
CCE is a certified Institution registered under Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). You might be eligible to apply for tax relief.

french classes toronto

Its been just 2 months and I already feel I've learned so much French. I'm not shy or afraid of speaking in the French language anymore. And most importantly, I never get bored in classes. They're very dynamic.
Monica Group Lessons

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Obtain your certificate!
Achieve your certificate
after completion of 96 hours of French courses.
Certificate of completion can be for beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels. To be eligible a student must complete the full related course level (A1.6 or B1.6 or C1.6).
plus teacher approval.

Beginner Levels
Intermediate levels
Advanced levels
Writing levels
A1.1 , A1.2
B1.1 , B1.2
C1.1 , C1.2
D1.1 , D1.2
A1.3 , A1.4
B1.3 , B1.4
C1.3 , A1.4
D1.3 , D1.4
A1.5 , A1.6
B1.5 , B1.6
C1.5 , A1.6
D1.5 , D1.6

Note: Full time classes are intensive. Students learn 2 levels in 4 weeks, and part-time students learn one level in 4 weeks.
All courses are for local and international students as well as visitors or work permit satus
that do not need letter of admission.
We charge the same low fee for visitor and international students as Canadian citizen
Now all Courses are discounted by 20%

French Group Lessons at Low Fee - 2017

All courses are in promotion now for YEAR 2017
60 hrs FULL TIME Super Intensive Beginner (every day) both levels A1.1 and A1.2 at the same time
International students can apply for(Study Permit)
A1.1+ A1.2
1:00 - 4:00 PM
4 weeks
OCT 09
24 hours Intensive PART TIME Beginner (TBA)
Register now, Free materials, No tax, Limited space.
Tu & Th 6 - 9 PM
Discount Price
4 weeks
Sept 12
24 hours Intensive PART TIME Beginner (Lor)
Register now, Free materials, No tax, Limited space.
M & W 6 - 9 PM
Discount Price
4 weeks
July 26
60 hrs FULL TIME Super Intensive Beginner (every day) both levels at the same time, no tax
International students can apply for (Study Permit)
M - F
Discount Price
4 weeks
July 31
60 hrs FULL TIME Super Intensive Beginner (every day) both levels at the same time, no tax
International students can apply for (Study Permit)car
1 PM-4 PM
Eevery day
Discount Price
4 weeks
July 31
French program for Quebec Immigration & Corporate Training (car)
Every day
20 weeks
180 hrs complete TEF/TEFaQ program(from Basic A1.1) in 3 months.
about 12 weeks

All French levels(Group and Private lessons) continue consequtively, one after the other with almost no interruption.  After level A1.1 you will immediately register for level A1.2 and so on.

Those with busy schedules may consider taking half-price private lessons, which have flexible schedules.The schedule for these lessons as well as the duration of each class is flexible; usually students choose to attend classes twice a week for 1.5 hours or 2 hours each session (each time). You can have classes every day if you want. The private lesson classes are totally customizable.

French Private Lessons for Low Fee! 2017
Sign up for 10 hours
Sign up for 20 hours
Sign up for 50 hours
Sign up for 100 hours
180 hrs complete TEF/TEFaQ program(from Basic A1.1) in 3 months.
20 hrs TEF/TEFaQ Program immigration test training
12 hrs TEF/TEFaQ Program immigration test training
12 hours French for business - Obtain your certificate
French for kids & Teens(age 5-16) minimum 12 hours

Private and Semi Private Lessons (Promotion Price)
2 Students or more (at identical level)
$10% off each
The minimum package of 10 hours required, to be eligible for this Low Fee option

Level A1.1 is a basic beginner French course, and is designed for those who have very little knowledge or no knowlegde at all of the French language.
If you would like to register online for the A1 level course, please fill in, scan and email the Credit Authorization Form.

60 hours Full Time courses are intensive, each course covers 2 levels at the same time.
There may be other schedules that are not listed here. You can call us to see if we have a schedule that suits you.

Start your Full Time group classes for low fee (Promotion price)
International students or visitors who intend to apply for a study permit (VISA)
must register for a full-time program consisting of 3 hours /day (prices listed below)

Number of Weeks
Lessons per Week (Group Classes)
15 hours/week
Super intensive
20 hours/week
Super Intensive Plus
25 hours/week
4 to 12 Weeks
13 to 26 Weeks
27 to 36 Weeks
37 to 48 weeks

The above discount applies only when students pay for full length of admission.

Booster Program: Students may choose to take an extra 3 hours of private lessons per week (15 hours per week in Group + 3 hours private lessons per week).

Our Booster Program helps students learn French faster than usual.
International, Visitor and Local students can register for a low-fee BOOSTER PROGRAM
Booster Program Total Fee:

Booster Program
15 hours/week (in Group) +
3 hours/week (Private lessons)
4 to 12 Weeks
13 to 26 Weeks
27 to 36 Weeks
37 to 48 weeks

International students seeking to obtain a letter of admission will be charged a $125 non-refundable admission fee. Normally international students choose to pay half of their total tuition fee in advance. For example, if applying for 6 month of studies, then 3 months of tuition fees would be paid in advance, when you enter in Canada you would pay the rest of the tuition fee. Tuition fees can be paid as monthly installment. International students who are living in Canada are NOT require to pay the international admission fee.

I am a visitor will I pay more tuition fees?
No, Visitors and international students are paying the same Low Price as the Canadian students!

Class size: Class sizes depend on the session. Our class sizes usually range more or less from 6 to 18 students, but no matter the size of the class, the level of education remains top-quality. In clsses large or small we try our best to foster friendly and dynamic classrooms.

I have completed French level A1, what should I do now?
If you wish to continue your studies you can register for level A2 then A3 and so on; you can continue taking courses until you attain your desired level of fluency in French. French levels will continue consequtively,almost without interruption. When you decide to begin a French program it is recommended that you dedicate a number of months to learn the langue. Fluency in French, like other languages, takes time and dedication to master.

I am an international student, will I be able to obtain a study permit?
If you enroll in full-time program you may be able to apply for study permit. CCE is a Designate Institute which enables students who are enrolled in either our full-time French (FSL) or full-time English (ESL) programs to apply for a student visa/study permit. When you apply through CIC you must indicate DLI# O19833653497 on your application.

Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, all participants will receive a Certificate of Completion after successfully completing 96 hours of the course plus passing exam and teacher approval (speaking part), regardless of whether your student status is full-time or part-time.

Is CCE accredited by "Languages Canada"?

Yes, CCE is fully accredited by "Languages Canada" which regulates the quality of teaching and educational services.

Will this program help me enter university or pass the immigration exam?

Yes, first you will need to learn general French, then you can take courses like TEFAQ or TEF to achieve your goal.

I know you DO NOT charge taxes for citizen and Non Citizen, am I eligible to apply for tax deduction?
Yes, we are recognized by ESDC so in addition to free tax for your courses, we will issue a tax slip T2202A which may help you for some tax relief.

Ask Question about the Course / Program
Citizen, PR and those who do NOT need a letter of Admission, save the form as your(First, Last) name, fill in all fields and email the form To:
If you are an International student and you want a "letter of admission", download, sign, email the attachment ( 4 pages) To:


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