Students and Agents
Low Tuition – High Quality

Canada College of Education operates globally. We require our agents to be credible and to have years of experience in the recruiting business. CCE offers English [ESL] and French [FSL].

International students may apply directly through CCE for admission, or they can contact a reputable agent in their home countries.

We are also hosting children camp ( Winter/Summer) for low fees.

International students who are applying directly for admission must provide us with these documents:

A copy of their passport (first page only)
A passport sized photo
A $125 non-refundable admission fee
Tuition fee (we require only 1 month in advance, however for better standing with IRCC you may pay your full or partial tuition in advance).
Students who applied for more than 3 months of studies and granted study permit by IRCC,   must pay for 3 months in advance at the first day of school, then they are able to make monthly installments.

Agent information:
For agents who want to work with CCE

We prefer working with agents who are able to recruit a group of students.

Agency name: _________________________________________________________________

Agency address (head office): ____________________________________________________

Owner’s full name: _____________________________________________________________

Telephone Number: ____________________________________________________________

Number of years in business: ____________________________________________________

ICEF recognition # (if applicable) : ________________________________________________

Agent profile: ________________________________________________________________

Please note that all above information must be written clearly