CELPIP Preparation Course

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The low price option is available for all students. International students, Visitors, work permits or any status are eligible to pay low tuition fee, also no taxes for Canadian citizen and non-citizens. Canada College of Education offers CELPIP preparation courses for the lowest price in all of Toronto. The classes are customizable and flexible, and can be scheduled based on the student’s availability. Our CELPIP expert will teach and guide you regarding all components of the CELPIP test. We offer CELPIP as a group lessons as well as private lessons.

There are two types of CELPIP tests:
1- CELPIP-General Test
2- CELPIP-General LS Test.
CELPIP-General Test contains four components:
>> Listening (length 47 minutes)
>> Reading (length 60 minutes)
>> Writing (length 53 minutes)
>> Speaking (length 20 minutes)
CELPIP-General LS Test contains only two components:
>> Listening: length 47 minutes.
>> Speaking: length 20 minutes.The CELPIP-General Test length is about: 180 minutes.
The CELPIP-General LS Test length is about: 70 minutes.

The Trial Lessons:
The first class will be considered a trial lesson. What is meant by a “trial lesson” is that students may choose to withdraw from a class with a full refund of the tuition fee after the first class, if for whatever reason it does not meet their expectations. In order to qualify for a full refund, you must notify administration immediately after the first lesson ends. Students who contact administration a day later or a few days after first lesson will not be eligible to receive refund. In addition, there will be no refund of the one-time $45 registration fee.
The $45 CDN non-refundable registration fee applies only once; as long as you are studying at CCE you will never have to pay any registration fees again!

 free french Low Tuition fee and NO Tax on all CELPIP Classes
free french No extra Charges for ‘Visitor‘, ‘Work Permit‘ and ‘International Students
free french Covers all  4 skills (speaking, writing, reading, listening)
free french 100%  of teachers hold teaching license (e.g TESOL)
free french 100%  of teachers evaluated by students for teaching quality
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free french 100% of  Teachers are Native English speakers
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Attention: Students are required to bring their own laptop and headphone or earbuds.
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3 to 6pm
 4 weeks  $1060
 4 WEEKS CELPIP GUARANTEED PASS (once a week in group), if you did NOT score a total average of 9.0, you will receive our 5 hour ‘Crash Course‘ (private lessons) once for absolutely free. Low price, No tax, plus weekly in class skill test. Limited to 8 weeks after your registration. Students are required to show their score to receive their FREE crash course. Wednesday
6 –9pm
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For better results students may consider registering for private CELPIP preparation lessons, which have flexible schedules and affordable prices to fit every budget.

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 Duration Total Fee
 12 hours Complete CELPIP Preparation Private Course Popular Course.
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 12 hours GUARANTEED PASS or repeat the course for free once! (4 weeks) if  Score Average is less than 9.0 Low price, No Tax, weekly in class skill tests! Free evaluation, totally customizable and Flexible Schedule. (Promotion Price now)
 Flexible  $1075
 20 hours Guaranteed Pass or repeat the course once (if average less than 9.0)
Low price, No Tax, weekly in class skill tests! Free evaluation, totally customizable and Flexible Schedule. (Promotion Price now)
 Flexible  $1475
 16 hrs Complete CELPIP Preparation(Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking)  Flexible  $1299
 5 hours CELPIP CRASH Course (Quick Review for those who have the exam
scheduled within one week or less
 Flexible  $365
 12 hours (1-to-1) by SKYPE covers all CELPIP skills (anywhere  Flexible  $599

in all private lessons our instructors identify your weaknesses immediately, and will work on these weaknesses with you until you are confident and exam-ready.
There are No HST TAXES on CCE’s CELPIP preparation courses!

Where the CELPIP exam location is?
The CELPIP exam takes place here (in our building) 180 Bloor St W.

What parts of the CELPIP exam do I need to take?
If your motivation for taking the CELPIP exam is to obtain Canadian Citizenship, then you will only need to take the one hour exam. The one hour CELPIP General LS exam will only test you on your Speaking and Listening skills. For those who are taking the exam for all other intents and purposes, all four components will be tested (Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading).

Do I need to purchase any books?
You are welcome to buy any book(s) that you would like to use to supplement your studies. However, for CCE’s CELPIP preparation program you will NOT need to buy any extra books or materials. At CCE your teacher will provide you with some materials and work that you will need to cover all CELPIP components, and will ensure that you are fully prepared to take your exam.

Can I apply for  tax relief?
Canada College of Education is registered under The Employment and Social Development Canada. (ESDC). You may be eligible for a tax deduction.

Conditions to register for the GUARANTEED PASS Program:
1- Your English (ESL level) must be at an intermediate level or higher.
2- You have to attend all classes with no absences, and you must be on time (Punctual).
3- All assignments and homework must be done on time.

You can only repeat the course once if you achieve less than an average score of 9.0 on the exam. The exam must be done after the entire course preparation program has been completed. You must send your official marks (SCORE) no longer than 90 days to the CCE admin in order to obtain the additional hours as part of the guaranteed pass package. You can only repeat the course once if your average score is less than 9.

Average means the sum of the scores in all four components (Writing + Reading + Listening+ Speaking) divided by 4.

Here is a sample CELPIP exam:
Writing = 8.0
Reading =  8.0
Listening = 11.0
Speaking = 9.0

Even though the Writing and Reading scores above are less than 9.0, the average score of the exam is 9.0, therefore the student is not eligible to repeat the course.

Students can repeat the CELPIP course once only if the AVERAGE SCORE is less than 9.
if you are eligible to repeat the course, it may take about 2 weeks (more or less) to reschedule.

Registration methods: You can register in person or online (using credit card).