#1 Corporate Training Courses
Become a more valuable for your company!

Complete Corporate Training courses are available at Canada College of Education in Toronto. The programs can be customized to address the specific needs of your company, thus ensuring that your employees obtain the right training and that their time is used efficiently and effectively.

Training at CCE in downtown Toronto
CCE offers the best services at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

Presently we off Corporate training in:
French, English and Quickbooks

Corporate language Training at low cost!

Placement Test:
Absolutely free (No Charge)

One on one Tutoring (private Lessons):
Only $45 per hour

Group Classes:

Group of 2: $75.00 per hour – No Tax

Group of 3:  $90.00 per hour – No Tax

Group of 4:  $105.00 per hour – No Tax

Group of 5:  $120.00 per hour No Tax

Please contact us for more than 5 employees

What is included in this low tuition fee?

Full report of progress made.
Student evaluation by the end term.
Teacher materials (Course Material is free).
All inside services(Internet, computers, classroom,…)
Free transcript by end of the term.
Certificate of completion for successful employee.
CCE is recognized by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).
We issue T2202 tax form for each student or company for father possible tax relief.

For more information visit:
Call: 416-926-0540