ESL classes

English ESL Classes in Toronto

International students can apply for a study permit or renew it. We issue a letter of attendance or  “LOA” for IRCC.
Obtain a Certificate of completion after 96 hours of classes.
The first lesson will be a trial lesson(read about a trial lesson).

Big Discount $200 discount per course
$599  now $399 to help international students during pandemic time.

Part-time from $49 per week.
Full-time from $99 per week. The regular price is $150

English Classes – Low fees – No Tax Price/week Schedule
  3 HOURS PER WEEK   (Part-time). Register now! $49 6pm-7:30pm
 15 HOURS PER WEEK (Full time). Register now! $150
Schedule: 3 classes per day
every day
20 HOURS PER WEEK (Full time). Register now! $135 Schedule: 4 classes per day
every day
Non-refundable Registration is only $50. International students who want LOA.($125 non-refundable).   Teachers are Native English Speakers

Join classes every Monday!

I chose Canada College of Education for my studies as it offered the most structured and relevant program to enhance my English skill level. The course drew my attention because of its affordability and scheduling flexibility and unbelievably low cost. The teachers are native English speakers and have vast experience in their fields. Iana


Intermediate levels
Advanced levels
Writing levels
A1.1 , A1.2
B1.1 , B1.2
C1.1 , C1.2
D1.1 , D1.2
A1.3 , A1.4
B1.3 , B1.4
C1.3 , A1.4
D1.3 , D1.4
A1.5 , A1.6
B1.5 , B1.6
C1.5 , A1.6
D1.5 , D1.6

Full- time course covers 2 levels at the same time. Each level may take up to 3 months. Level A1.1 to A1.6 takes 3 months in full-time study and about 6 months in part-time study.

Duration of course:
Each course takes 4 weeks.
Each Level contains 3 courses.

Those with busy schedules may consider taking half-price private lessons, which have flexible schedules. The schedule for these lessons as well as the duration of each class is flexible; Usually, students choose to attend classes twice a week for 1.5 hours or 2 hours each session (each time).

    2020 ESL  Private Lessons for Low Fee (20% discounted) Start Fee
 Sign up for 10 hours Flexible  $435
 Sign up for 20 hours  Flexible  $799
 Sign up for 50 hours + Certificate of completion  Flexible  $1950
 Sign up for 100 hours + Certificate of completion  Flexible  $3400
 12 hours Business English  Certificate  Flexible  $599
 20 hours Accent Reduction (AR)  Flexible  $799
 12 hours English skills for JOB INTERVIEW & RESUME WORKSHOP
 Flexible  $528

 International students, visitors, skill workers who intend to apply for a study permit (VISA) May register for a full-time program from 4 to 48 weeks consisting of 3 hours /day.

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Citizen, PR and those who do NOT need a letter of Admission (LOA)
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