Modern Bookkeeping and Quickbooks Program
Obtain your certificate and become job ready

CCE’s courses focus predominantly on teaching QuickBooks and Bookkeeping skills, while developing students’ knowledge so that they can quickly navigate the program and find the commands that they need. For your convenient we have divided the QuickBooks program into two levels, basic and advanced. A teacher will work you one-on-one throughout your entire program. Upon program completion you will receive your QuickBooks certificate of completion adopted by CCE.

Certified Institution
CCE is a certified Institution registered under Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). You might be eligible to apply for tax relief.

Trial Lessons:
The first class will be considered a trial lesson. What is meant by “trial lesson” is that students may choose to withdraw from a class with a full refund of the tuition fee immediately after the first class ends if it does not meet their expectations. In order to qualify for a full refund, you must notify administration immediately after the first lesson ends. Students who request a refund a day later or a few days after the first lesson will not be eligible to receive a refund. In addition, there will be no refund of the one-time $45 registration fee.The $45 non-refundable registration fee is a onetime only fee, as long as you are studying at CCE you will never pay the registration fee again!

>> The lowest course fees in Toronto
>> No extra charges
>> International students, skill workers and visitors pay the same tuition fees as Canadian students.
>> Obtain your certificate

A government tax (13% HST) will applied to the tuition fee for this course.
Students can register for QuickBooks I, QucikBooks II, or for the full package of Bookkeeping & QuickBooks, each at very affordable prices.

Computerized Bookkeeping
One of the most in demand skills in today’s job market is bookkeeping. At CCE we train our students to be able to work as bookkeepers. This program covers QuickBooks level I, QuickBooks level II, as well as the concepts behind Bookkeeping. Upon completion of this course you will receive a certificate of completion that will demonstrate to employers your capabilities. Simply having a Bookkeeping certificate will make the process of securing a job in this field easier because it shows prospective employers who are looking for a Bookkeeper, that you have the knowledge of QuickBooks, and bookkeeping skills necessary to do the job effectively.

>> Get Trained
>> Get Certified (certificate of completion)
>> Get experience for the job market
>> Complete the program in less than 2 weeks

Register for private lessons (1-on-1) at affordable prices, with a flexible schedule and customizable learning pace! Your first lesson might be scheduled in as little as 24 hours after registration (based on availability)!

Benefit of Training:
>> Learn QuickBooks from a highly trained professional
>> Be job ready with the latest version of QuickBooks
>> Learn QuickBooks with no prior experience
>> Get to know how to use QuickBooks for your business
>> Receive a tax claim (T2202A form) to be used for a possible tax relief (CCE is recognized by EDSC)
>> Get help to setup free 30-day QuickBooks latest version trial program
>> Obtain your certificate of completion upon completion of the course

Note: if you want to register ONLINE, the total fee will be: Tuition + HST(13%) + $45 non-refundable registration fee.

   Quickbooks Courses (Private Lessons)
20% discount + Materials are included + Certificate
  Time Fee
 6 hours intensive QuickBooks level  I or Level II
Flexible $295
12 hours intensive QuickBooks Level I & II (certificate of completion)
Popular course, Low fee, Free course material, Free setup software
Flexible $700
now $560
20 hours Complete Modern Bookkeeping plus Quickbooks I&II + Certificate
(for student who have no knowledge of Bookkeeping)
Flexible $1200
now $964
Any package of  Semi-Private(2 students ) 20% discounted on total price. Flexible $

Register for private lessons (1-on-1) at affordable prices, with a flexible schedule and customizable learning pace! Your first lesson might be scheduled in as little as 48 hours after registration (based on availability)!

New: Canadian citizens, International students, Visitors or other status are eligible for the above LOW FEE program!

Registration methods: You can register in person or online (using credit card).

QuickBooks Level I brief outline

Creating a QuickBooks company file
Entering company information
Setting up QuickBooks preferences
Choosing a start date
Setting up income and expense accounts
Entering opening balances
Using QuickBooks help features
Using QuickBooks list features
Editing the Chart of Accounts
Working with the customer:job list
Working with the employee list
Working with the vendor list
Managing lists
Writing a QuickBooks cheque
Using bank account registers
Entering a handwritten cheque
Transferring money between accounts
Reconciliation of chequing accounts
Entering a sales invoice in QuickBooks
Entering a new item
Using multiple price levels
Recording customer payments
Making deposits
Entering bills from vendors
Paying bills from vendors


QuickBooks Level II brief outline

How to create QuickBooks reports
How to save and print reports
Exporting reports to Microsoft Excel
Turning on the inventory feature
How to enter products/services into inventory
How to enter a purchase order
How to record receipt of inventory items
How to enter a bill for inventory items
How to enter an inventory adjustment
How to setup your sales tax in QuickBooks
How to file a sales tax return
How to create jobs and estimates
How to create multiple estimates
How to create an invoice from an estimate
How to setup QuickBooks invoicing feature
How to display reports for estimates
How to update job status
How to use QuickBooks time tracking feature
How to invoice a customer based on time
How to display project reports for time tracking
How to pay non-employees for time worked
How to customize reports and forms

 Computerized Bookkeeping     Moudle 1    Computerized Bookkeeping      Moudle 2          
What is bookkeeping?
Sole proprietorship VS Partnership
Debit and Credit
Daily Bookkeeping process
From paper to computer software
Balance Sheet
Cost of Goods Sold
Expenses (different categories)
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Work in computerized Accounting Cycle
Merchandise Inventory (Buying & Selling)
Payroll Concept and Taxes
HST Taxes
The Statement of Cash Flows
Income Statement
Capital Statement
Financial Statements
Gross Wages VS Net Wages
Bad Debt
Total Adjustments and Corrections
Closing the Books


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