How to Register at Canada College of Education
Easy Registration with Discounted Price
There is NO TAX for all English and French courses!

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All course fees are in promotion now at lower price. Students may apply for admission directly (Fast admission) or through their agents.

You can register in person or online (using credit card).

 International students:
International students (or visitors and other status) who apply for English as a Second Language (ESL) or French as a second Language (FSL) and want a letter of admission ”LOA” to obtain a study permit or renew their VISA must sign ad scan all 4 PDF pages and email it to us.

1. Copy of passport (only first page)
2. a passport size photo
3. Sign and send these 4 pages: Student contract, refund policy, Student consent page, credit authorization (download from our website)

What CCE will do for international students?

We use very easy admission for all students.
Helping them to choose the more suitable university for their future studies.
Helping them to achieve high score in IELTS and CELPIP for immigration Canada.
Helping them to legally find a job and get into job market in Canada.

We are IELTS examination center so we conduct exam here at CCE, therefore students can enter in any university in Canada. We offer several classes in IELTS, CELPIP, ESL and… at lowest price in Toronto.

Domestic students:
Canadian citizen, PR or visitors and other status who DO NOT want a letter of admission ”LOA” simply sign and scan the registration form and email it back to us.

Method of payments:
We accept Cash, Money order(draft), cheques, Debit and credit card(VISA, Master card).

 International students: reside inside or outside of Canada,
visitors, skill workers and other status who want a Letter
of Admission “LOA”. 4 pages

 Domestic Student: Canadian citizens, PR or other status
who do NOT want a “LOA”, sign just 1 page form.