Students Testimonials
These pictures are of real students who attended or are attending classes at CCE

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   Advanced French Group Graduation    Join Friendly Classes
       I would highly recommend this school to anyone who would like to learn and become fluent in French. I am taking group and private classes and everyday my French is getting better. The staff and teachers are very helpful and encouraging. I am very satisfied with the learning environment of this school.
Ewa private & Group lessons in French
Is been just 2 months and I already feel I’ve learned so much French. I’m not shy or afraid of speaking in French language anymore. And the most important, I never get bored in classes. They’re very dynamic.  Monica Group Lessons in french

I am currently enrolled in a French private program at the CCE and I chose it for two reasons. Firstly, I like the teachers, the caring environment and the class curriculum. And secondly, the location is just a minute walking from the subway station and a few stops from where I live in a centre of Toronto down-town… Maria Private Lessons in french

Salut tout le monde! Hello Everyone! Je m’appelle Oksana et je veux vous dire quelque chose. I always wanted to learn how to speak French and when I found out about Canada College (CCE) I have decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. Small classes, highly trained teachers, accommodating schedules, friendly and welcoming staff make learning any language quite inspiring. After taking one level at CCE I felt more confident about my French speaking abilities than ever before. I have been with school for over three month now and the only thing I have experienced is improvement. Thank you to all CCE teachers and staff for their patience and encouragement.
Oksana Group lessons in french


Bonjour à tous!
Je m’apelle Najada and I have been with Canada College of Education’s Intermediate French classes for 8 months and I feel like if I continue attending classes further I will be able to teach French myself, that’s how much I have improved. I had a great time studying at CCE because they listen to our suggestions, they offer highly trained and native French teachers and small groups of students. The wonderful teachers, and staff, location and affordable prices are one of the reasons why I would still choose CCE for other courses in the future. Bonne chance à tous.
Najada Saturday classes in french


Bonjour! Quoi de neuf? Je m’appelle Ricki, and I have been learning French here for 7 months. I’d never been in touch with French before, believe it or not I myself was and IS surprised that I can now actually to read, to write, to listen and to SPEAK in French! Credits go to the teachers that encouraging me to “make mistakes” by speaking up in class, which I don’t feel shy and to becoming this great improvement! Not to mention the staffs urging me to communicate in French, and the classmates as well. I will continue to study French here until I have become an expert.
Ricki Group lessons in french


I have joined Canada College of Education’s Intermediate to Advance French class in January of 2012. I had a good knowledge of grammar, large vocabulary and excellent reading comprehension but I needed to improve my conversational skills. In a short period of time my conversational skills improved so well that one “le parisien” asked me if I am from Quebec:) The school has always listened to our suggestions and tailored class’s program to the specific needs of the students. I think this language school is the best value for money that anyone can find in Toronto.
Anjlika Saturdy’s Classes in french


ESL at Canada College of Education on summer time with a group of  international students.

Jila ESL Program

Language Classes are interactive


I am an international student currently studying at Canada College of Education. I learned ESL, TOEFL and French. I can say this school is excellent to learn languages. All teachers are native speakers and highly experienced. I do recommend this school to anyone who really wants to learn languages.
Dr. Nuha – TOEFL and French

My name is Romaios, I am studying ESL at Canada College of Education. I started with no English speaking and now I can communicate very well. I have been studying with 3 teachers. All of teachers are native English speakers and experienced in teaching. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn English rapid.
Romaios– ESL Classes



Hi! I am Monica, I am an Italian girl! In the month of August (2013), I was in Toronto and I attended the course at the Canada College of Education! I studied English in a class with other students of different nationalities and this was an opportunity not only to learn English but to compare with other cultures too. In the class I felt good because there were different activities: reading, conversation, listening, watching movies, group work. So it was fun to study English at this school! The teacher was very helpful and patient and with her I had a friendship! I am very glad to have chosen to learn English in the Canada College of Education!
Monica – ESL classes


The best language school in Toronto!
Great prices and amazing tutors, who customize the course to your needs.
You never get bored learning a language with CCE!
Katerina K – French classes


Salut ! Je me appelle Francisca et je suis du Chile, my experience was excellent.
The place has a perfect location near to subway station and beautiful view, my professor was the best very welcoming, making me feel like home all the time. The classes helped me complying all my expectations and I reach the level of French that I proposed myself to learn.I recommend 100% Canada College Of Education to learn or go deep French under an excellent environment with people that has French as their mother language.
Francisca French Private lessons


I have enjoyed every minute of the course!


Tres bien le cours! Les professeurs, c’est bonnes! Merci Beaucoup

I have such an awesome time at CCE
Thank you all.

The teacher Peggy is awesome. Very enthusiastic and methodical, she is very earnest & hardworking in helping us learn the language.


I liked the course. The building is located in a very good, and busy, place. My classmates and my teacher were great. I knew it would be a little bit more challenging, to study French in an English-speaker country, because I would have to express myself in both languages. I am Brazilian, so it wasn’t so difficult for me to learn French. So, I decided to accept
it, and turns out everything was great.
Fernanda – French full time group class


An interview with Dr. Raed Abu Yagoob about French Classes

 Please introduce yourself.
My name is Raed and I am from Saudi Arabia. Since last four months I have been studying full time French course at Canada College of Education. As I am medical doctor, I came to Canada to pursue my education in dermatology and I realized that learning French is very suitable and useful for medical students.

How did you find Canada College of Education?
I have been recommended to come here by one of my friends who was already student there. As I got a letter of admission from Canada College of Education, I applied for study permit (student visa) from Immigration and shortly after that I granted one year study permit.

Why did you decide to take a French course?
Actually it’s been long time that I wanted to learn French, but I couldn’t find an appropriate time until now. French is one of the important international languages and it is useful to learn it. I want to complete my specialization (Dermatology) in French language therefore learning French is really essential for me.

What course level did you start?
I started from the scratch but now after about 4 months I feel that my progress is beyond what I was expecting. I have never thought I can learn French with such speed.

Is the lower course fee was a factor to attend CCE?
Certainly, the course fee was very important factor for me when deciding what school to choose for my FSL study? I guess CCE charges the least among all other schools in Toronto. Now after experiencing the whole educational process I came to realization that this school has more than just the lower price for us. I like the location of the school, the inside design of the center, the tranquility of the place, the educational aides that they provide (Computers, free WiFi and …), the flexible schedule , knowledgeable and punctual and well trained teachers . I would like to take the opportunity to thank all teachers and admin for their help and kindness.
merci beaucop à tous.

What do you think about your teacher’s quality of teaching?
I have been taught by 3 French native teachers: Mrs. Pascale, Mrs. Alice and Mrs. Gwen. All of them are hard working, supportive and they have very easy approaches. I may add that Pascal is skilled more in teaching pronunciation while Alice is great at breaking down things for easy understanding and finally Gwen is outstanding in to know what confuses students. She will quickly get students out of confusion by using some simple examples.

How long takes time for an absolute beginner to speak French?
This question is a bit difficult since each individual have different ability to learn a new language. For a native English speaker who’s willing to put more effort at home not just depending solely on the classes, it might take around 12 to 18 months to improve his/her language skills. Here CCE provides several French levels, so you have variety of options to choose from and successful student receive a certificate of completion.

Do you have any recommendation or comments?
I have some ideas to help students for rapid progress and shorten the time.

1- keep it simple and remember when it comes to learning a language repetition is very useful. To repeat twice is better than once but the best is to keep repeating and repeating until you well memorize words or phrases. This will make it comes automatically later on which means fluency.

2- There is a section in the web site for learning French language it is helpful, organized and takes you from the A to Z. When you get good teachers and good materials in place then you will learn the new language so rapid.

3- There is lots of phrasebooks out there. They are really good because they will give you situation oriented conversations so you can go ahead and have simple conversations in different topics. During the French classes the teacher quietly engage you to the series of discussions like: Travel, Hotels, Restaurants, Clinics and the like.
Bonne chance tous le mondec