University Success Program (USP)
The Key to Getting a High IELTS Score

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The Essential Skills
Academic learning, as we know, is different from typical daily English speaking. One of the major elements of academic success is sufficient knowledge of writing, reading, speaking and listening. Our University Success Program, is delivered in 8 to12 weeks, depending on your current English level. This program offers complete preparation for academic studies. It may emphasis on the academic writing(essay) and reading comprehension.

Trial Lessons
The first class is considered a trial lesson. Students may choose to withdraw with a full tuition refund if the course does not meet their expectations. In order to qualify for a full refund, students must notify administration immediately after their first lesson. Note that students who contact administration late will not be eligible to receive a refund. In addition, there will be no refund of the one-time $45 registration fee under any circumstances.

What is covered throughout the program?
USP focuses on:
General language studies
Essay writing (academic style)
Listening and note taking in class
How to prepare assignments
Reading comprehension
Preparing for University studies

Upon completing the above program and receiving the teacher’s approval, students will participate in IELTS examination. After completion of the above program, student’s rates of success haven proven to be drastically increased.

Package Fees:
25  hours private lessons academic learning: $1625
50  hours private lessons academic learning : $2999
100 hours private lessons academic learning : $5500
Tax charge: $0.0
Registration fee only: $45
After completing one of the above you may register for IELTS group or private lesson.

Am I eligible for tax relief?
CCE is registered under Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) program. We will issue T2202A for your education tuition fee, which you can declare for possible tax deduction.