Certificate in Modern Web Design
Certificate of completion

Obtain your Certificate of completion in Web Design

   Web Design Courses (Private Lessons)
20% discount + Materials are included + Certificate
  Time Fee
 6 hours intensive Web-design level  I or Level II
Flexible $354
12 hours intensive Web-design Level I & II (certificate of completion)
Popular course, Low fee, Free course material, Free setup software
Flexible $700
now $560
20 hours Complete Web-design I&II + Certificate
(for student who have no knowledge of web-design)
Flexible $1200
now $964
Any package of  Semi-Private(2 students ) 20% discounted on total price. Flexible $

Level I: students learning introductory web page like concept and  building block of web design. They may cover HTML, javascript and CSS. HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).  In HTML you learn the structure of the web pages. in  CSS you learn how to design the page layout.

Level II: Having knowledge of level I allow you to start working with wordPress and create a real web page. Upon completing of this level, you will receive a certificate.

Courses in Program:
This program is intended for students who are not familiar, or have little knowledge of, web building concept.
Learning Components of the website (theory and workshop)
Overview HTML to help understanding of WordPress codes
Overview of Javascript to be used in WordPress source codes.
Understanding the basic structure of WordPress.
Learn how to build a website with power of WordPress.
Learn how to work with WordPress independently.
Learn to create, manage and modify your own WordPress Themes
Know about SEO, Meta tags, FTP and publishing website
Final Project

Is CCE Registered under Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)?
Yes, CCE is registered under ESDC and you may be eligible for some tax deduction.
The HST tax will be applied to all computer courses.

Job Opportunity
As more businesses go on virtual transformation, web design becomes more important than ever. Rarely do you see a business with no website, therefore knowledge of building website or blog has become important. Day by day web designing and development reaches high demand in the market.
After this program, you will be able to build your own professional modern websites for the business, or for your personal blog or website.

Notice: The Canada College of Education (CCE) is an independent training provider and is not associated with Private Career Colleges (PCC) or any other organization, and its activities are not sanctioned by PCC.

CCE provides modern and high quality training for today’s job market and help students to find a respected job with reasonable pay.

Note: if you want to register ONLINE, the total fee will be: Tuition + HST(13%) + $45 non-refundable registration fee. You can ask about the total price before you sign up.

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